Climb to the Top with ABPP

Welcome! This site is the new home for all ABPP applications. Please click on one of the links below or use the menu at the top to find information and submit or view data.

The application process begins when you register for an account. Once registered, complete the ABPP General Application that will include the specific application for your chosen specialty. Once successfully completed and your candidacy status for specialty board certification has been established, your adventure will continue as determined by your specialty board’s requirements.

For example, those applying for board certification in clinical neuropsychology or forensic psychology will register for the written exam. The next step for those applying to other boards is to register for the practice sample and then to submit it. After passing the practice sample review step, all candidates will advance to the oral exam. Finally, maintenance of certification will be hosted here as well later in 2022.

For current specialists, maintenance of certification will be available starting in mid-2022.

To view and evaluate candidate data, please refer to the menu at the top. Entries assigned to you for review appear in your Inbox.

ABPP Central Office staff have access to all candidate data from all 17 specialty boards and the pediatric clinical neuropsychology subspecialty. Tasks assigned to you for review appear in your Inbox.